Wayne Barlowe is a world-renowned science fiction and fantasy author and artist who has created images for books, film and galleries and written a novel, a screenplay and a number of art books. After attending Cooper Union he started his career painting hundreds of paperback covers for all of the major publishers and magazine illustrations for LIFE, TIME and NEWSWEEK. He went on to write and illustrate EXPEDITION, BARLOWE’S GUIDE TO EXTRATERRESTRIALS, BARLOWE’S GUIDE TO FANTASY, BARLOWE’S INFERNO, BRUSHFIRE: Illuminations from the Inferno, THE ALIEN LIFE OF WAYNE BARLOWE and AN ALPHABET OF DINOSAURS. His film designs can be seen in BLADE2, GALAXY QUEST, BABYLON 5: Thirdspace, TITAN AE, HELLBOY, HELLBOY 2: The Golden Army, HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKHABAN, HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE. AVATAR, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, PARADISE LOST, JOHN CARTER, PACIFIC RIM, RIPD and ALIEN PLANET, a Discovery Channel special based on EXPEDITION for which Barlowe was executive producer aired in 2005. His first novel, GOD’S DEMON, was released by Tor Books in 2007. Currently, he has a major film screenplay in development, and is writing the sequel to his first novel, titled THE HEART OF HELL.



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Hot off the press... a full size giclee of Semjaza Rising, Wayne's latest commissioned work, now available on the Store page! ~ posted 9/29/13

Now available by popular demand - a full size giclee of What Remains, signed and numbered by the artist. ~ posted 8/31/13

And for something completely different... visit the Artwork/Other Projects page to see Wayne's rendering of New Zealand wildlife, featuring the elusive Taniwha novaeseelandiae ngakensis. ~ posted 6/21/12

If you haven't heard already, the POWER LORDS are returning! Go to www.powerlordsreturn.com to learn more about the brilliant work of Four Horsemen Studios and their reimagining of this popular line of 1980s collectibles. Wayne is looking forward to attending opening of Toypocalypse 3: Extra-Toyrrestrial this coming Saturday! ~ posted 2/3/13

New on the WayneBarlowe.com Store page - Limited stock of signed Elytracephalid prints available at a discount until September 15, 2012. ~ posted 9/3/12

Just posted - another John Carter concept drawing on the Artwork/Film, TV & Game page, additional haunting artwork on the Hell and Paleoart & Illustration pages. ~ posted 5/20/12

New on WayneBarlowe.com this month - unused John Carter concept drawings from 2008 on the Artwork/Film, TV & Game page, additional artwork for sale on the Store page and an all new page highlighting interviews! ~ posted 3/18/12

Announcing the first original Wayne Barlowe painting available online! Go to the Store page to view the first of a series of Abyssal paintings, depicting the bizarre and wonderful fauna of Barlowe's Hell. ~ posted 2/19/12

Now available in bookstores: Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey, including several of Wayne Barlowe's drawings. Click on the Artwork link above to see new work posted from the Harry Potter movies ~ posted 12/10/11.

Check out 2 additional Paleoart and Film paintings posted ~ posted 11/11/11.

Also, we are happy to announce that the Agares Gallery Posters are now in stock and available for purchase! Click on the Store link above to fill all of your holiday shopping needs.


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